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Deejo Framelock Do It Yourself Tattoo Artwork Knife Kit


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Your Deejo engraving kit comes with 3 different plates to offer you several combinations depending on the nature of your creation:

Carbon fibre: characterized by its low density, high tensile and compressive strength, and excellent chemical inertness, carbon fibre is also appreciated for its dynamic aesthetic. Deejo naturally has made it one of its favorite materials to adorn its most beautiful pieces.

Juniper: juniper is a naturally fragrant wood, offering a slightly peppery scent. All in arabesques of beige, each plate, finely veined, makes your Deejo a unique and exquisite piece.

Coral wood: coral wood (or padauk) is an abundant wood species long used in cutlery for its exquisite reflections in red/amber (hence its name), its robustness and its excellent resistance to humidity. Here it wonderfully underscores the elegance of a Deejo knife.

The knife is made of stainless steel fixed with a fine layer of black titanium. This finish has a double advantage: it reinforces surface resistance to shocks and scratches, and second, it renders sublime the elegant lines of your knife by adding subtle matte black reflections. A discreet finish par excellence, the steel acquires a slight patina over the years to further enhance this beautiful piece of cutlery.

The engraving pen allows you to remove the titanium coating from your Deejo knife and thus bring forth the shine of steel revealing the design of your own creation. Note that each engraving pen comes with 3 spare nibs, letting you engrave other knives and also exercise your creativity on different media, such as wood, plastic, glass or leather.

 Box containing a Deejo 37G “black,” with 3 handle mounts (carbon fiber, juniper wood, coral wood), a recto/verso test piece in black metal, an engraver stylus in ABS black, 3 diamond burrs, a set of screws, and a steel Torx wrench. Requires two AAA batteries (not included).


Material : Z40C13
Weight : 37 grams (1.30 oz)
Closed length : 11 cm (4.33”)
Open length : 20,5 cm (7.87”)
Blade length : 9,5 cm (3.74”)
Thickness : 0,9 cm (0.35”)



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